wrote recently about how Sony let me down for the third time whereas Apple, under a very similar circumstance, proved once again that they are a company upon which you can rely.

I’ve just had yet another customer service experience with a consumer electronics company when a product of theirs I had purchased, failed. Like the Sony and Apple products, this one was also connected to the Internet through my wifi. It was one of my Nest Protect smoke alarms. They are great. I wrote about them last year.

A few nights ago, one of the Nest Protect smoke alarms went off around 1AM in the morning. All of the units began announcing that there was smoke in the living room. We all got up (except my son who miraculously slept through the entire event – I’ve got to get his hearing checked) and went to the living room only to discover no indication of smoke. We shrugged our shoulders and went back to bed. About 5 minutes later, it went off again. This time, I went to the garage, brought in the ladder and removed the offending Nest Protect. I then called Nest. Someone answered quickly and after I explained what had happened, they determined that it was likely the smoke sensor that had failed. They then told me they would express ship me a replacement unit which arrived the following day. Unlike Sony, Nest never asked me to prove the unit was still within the warranty period. I bought these units from Amazon so the only way Nest knew I had them was that they automatically register themselves with Nest over the Internet, just as you’d expect any electronics product connected to the Internet to do. I just installed the new unit and will be shipping them the failed one (with the pre-paid shipping bag they included with my replacement unit) back to them for their analysis.

This is the kind of customer service I’d expect from a company that stands behind their products and hopes that their customers will recommend them. As I said in the last blog post about Sony vs. Apple, a product is only as good as the customer service you get if and when that product fails. Sony gets an F from me for customer service. Apple and now Nest, get an enthusiastic A. Thank you, Nest.


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